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2022: A Year in Photographs

Updated: Jan 18

As Ethiopia finally gets a little relief from pandemic lock downs, terrible droughts, and civil unrest, Lelt's students find their "new normal" through our daily educational classes and meals. We're sharing some of our favorite snapshots of life in Lelt's programs through 2022.

Mekides with her mother, Eta. Read their story.

Through a partnership with the organization drawchange, Lelt Foundation has an art therapy class that fosters confidence and collaboration through a creative lens.

Kindergartener Hiba M. at Lelt's community center

Lelt's students eat a nutritious lunch every day at our community centers

Lelt's technology division launched Girls Who Code in 2021. After an impressive year of coding and programming work, the girls were rewarded with a trip to Bora Amusement Park in Addis Ababa. The girls rode carnival rides and experienced Virtual Reality games for the first time ever. Congrats, girls!

Despite challenges from pandemic lock downs, Lelt's at-risk students graduate

Workneh heads home from school. He's a top student in Lelt's programs.

Computer Science major Getahun starts teaching in Lelt's technology lab. Read more here.