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Semeru is 17 and is attending technical college to become a medical assistant. He and his family are in need of assistance so that he can remain in school and his siblings are provided with food at home.

Years ago, Semeru's mother, Adanech, dropped out of grade school in the fourth grade. She wanted to continue her studies, but her family was living in poverty and needed her to start earning an income. She worked as a house cleaner until she was 20, when she fell in love with Neru. Semeru was born a year later. Neru was a salesman and a good provider, and they were happy as a family. But 4 years later, Neru developed a quick and sudden illness and passed away. Adanech struggled to provide for Semeru, but was abused by her employers and suffering from chronic illnesses. When she was 32, she remarried and had four more children. But her second husband quarreled with Adanech, and one day he left his family. She now struggles to take care of her 5 children selling butter and milk at the local outdoor market. 


If Semeru is sponsored for $35/month, he will receive full support, including daily meals and tuition. If his family is sponsored for an additional $15 a month, they will all receive monthly food rations and medical care, and his mother will be given priority to enroll in our Family Business Program, where she will be empowered to start her own small business and earn an income.


  • Food, Clothes, School Fees, School Uniform and Supplies

  • Academic Tutoring, Medical Care, Computer Classes, Trauma Counseling

  • Complete CHILD Sponsorship benefits + extra care for their entire family

  • Food Rations, Medical Care, Employment & Vocational Programs, Micro-Loans for Small Businesses 

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