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Educational Field Trip to Lake Awassa

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Field studies and geographical exploration are essential in building a child’s education and global awareness. And every year, the Lelt Foundation takes our children on a field trip to explore the plethora of geographical and historical wonders in Ethiopia. The country occupies much of the Horn of Africa and spans a wide variety of climate zones, ranging from deserts along the eastern border to tropical forests in the south. It is a land of awe-inspiring topographical wonders, from mossy peaks as high as 15,000 feet, to depressions 381 feet below sea level. Most of the children in our Hosanna program have never left their region or have known anything other than the muddy roads and tin huts they grew up with (for a look at life in Hosanna, check out “Driving through Hosanna”, on YouTube).  Our team took them on an  amazing journey of wondrous new experiences,  to a world of hippos, monkeys, glorious waterfronts, and boat trips.

"It is a land of awe-inspiring topographical wonders, from mossy peaks as high as 15,000 feet, to depressions 381 feet below sea level."

Three weeks ago, early in the morning, all 65 children from our Hosanna program boarded a bus bound for Lake Awassa. After 4 hours of singing, riding, and barely contained excitement, they arrived at Amora Gedel Park, the beautiful beach and recreation area on the shore of Lake Awassa. The children had never seen anything like it – the water, beautiful foliage, and amazing and friendly wildlife. They learned about hippos, monkeys, chimpanzees, storks and ostriches by following the educational markers placed around the sites of the park. After lunch at the picnic tables, they boarded the boats.  Most of the children had never set foot in a body of water and here they were speeding out into the middle of Lake Awassa! They sang songs about fish and sunshine as they motored around the lake.

After a long and exciting day, the children boarded the bus back home. They spent the return ride discussing all the new animals, sights and experiences they had, eager to share the news with their parents as they arrived back home in time for dinner. For our children, this was an experience of a lifetime. Lelt Foundation is grateful for your support in providing these experiences for our children in Ethiopia.

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