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Meet Meron ❤️

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Meron is like many of the students in Lelt’s programs; bright and driven, but facing the challenges of living in an impoverished region. Over 50% of girls in this area of Ethiopia drop out of school by age 12 – typically asked to work to help support the family – creating another generation of cyclical poverty. 

When Meron and her mother joined Lelt's assistance program seven years ago, we enrolled her in private school. Two years ago she joined the computer programming course at Lelt's community center and became one of its top students. This technology program teaches advanced coding and programming skills, giving our students a valuable head start in the technology industry that is in high demand in Addis Ababa. Listen, in Meron's own words, about her experience in our computer program, how she has used the skills she learned, and how she plans to use them to build a future for herself.

Lelt Foundation is proud of Meron's accomplishments,, and will empower her to follow her dreams into college. Many thanks to all of Lelt's donors for supporting the education of our bright, tenacious students!

To support a student in Ethiopia and give them these opportunities, please sponsor a child.

Video footage taken in February, 2020.

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