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Meet Lelt Scholar Tenaye Chere

Tenaye was born 20 years ago in the historic town of Gondar, Ethiopia. Her parents died when she was very small, and her older sister took her to Addis Ababa to look for better opportunities in the capital city. Her sister wasn't able to find stability or work, unfortunately, and Tenaye was separated from her. At age 6, she was found on the streets by policemen and taken to the children’s orphanage, Kebebe Tsehay. Despite this tragic turn, Tenaye enjoyed her happiest years in the children’s orphanage, playing with the other children and having a bed to sleep in.

Even though Tenaye didn’t have the family presence and guidance that most growing children reply on, she had a passion to do well in her studies and explore new things. She loved learning about technology, and in High School she was introduced to a computer for the first time. Tenaye instantly knew that this would change the trajectory of her life, and when she applied for colleges, she majored in Computer Science. Today, Tenaye is a senior at CPU College in Addis Ababa, and receives a Lelt scholarship. She aspires to earn a Bachelor of Science degree after receiving her diploma in Technology. Tenaye said, “it’s always been a challenge to receive new opportunities because of the stigma of growing up in an orphanage. But I’m determined to be successful in IT, and hope someday to run my own Computer Lab and Internet cafe."

Tenaye's IT Class of 2023 at CPU College

To help another bright young student in Ethiopia receive higher education, please support Lelt’s Scholarship Program.

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