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Maregu's Story

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Maregu, a 12-year old boy in Hosanna, Ethiopia, joined Lelt Foundation's assistance programs last year. A few days ago he shared a story with us that he wants to pass on to you. He wants Lelt supporters to hear about the experiences our children have in our assistance program, and the strength and pride of Maregu and other kids in our community.

Maregu, far left, is the eldest of Aberash's three children.They live in Bobicho, an acutely impoverished area in Ethiopia. Because his father, Lire, struggles to earn enough as a day laborer for basic necessities, Maregu and his siblings spend hours each day working their small plot of land -- growing vegetables and caring for 2 cows. Despite this family's hard work, food is always scarce.

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Before he came to Lelt's assistance program, Maregu didn't have food for lunch at school, and they often missed dinner as well.  “Sometimes I got so hungry during school I couldn't sit still. So I'd get up and leave. I wasn't proud of it, but I didn't want to crumble in the classroom. This situation made me embarrassed and defensive. That led to fights with other boys in the neighborhood. I didn’t feel good about myself or my family’s situation.”

Then in the winter of 2016, Maregu was sponsored through Lelt’s Child Sponsorship Program. Lelt provided Maregu with a new school uniform, school supplies, backpack, shoes and extra clothing, and his family received monthly food rations and household necessities. Maregu comes to Lelt’s Community Center every day for a nutritious lunch and after-school tutoring classes. He is proud to attend school every day and can now fully focus on his studies. He no longer gets into fights and spends more time at home helping his family, with whom he is very close. Maregu and his father work together daily to keep their home and plot of land beautiful. He says, “The Lelt people really care about us. They counsel me and I can talk to them about everyday problems I have. I love my classes now and I come to the Lelt Center for after-school tutoring, which is great. I want to be a doctor when I grow up.”

Maregu's enrollment in the Sponsorship Program entitles him to a daily nutritious meal, after-school tutoring, and school necessities like books, supplies, uniforms and school shoes. His family has access to monthly food rations, household necessities, and job creation programs. To help another child stay in school and receive life-saving assistance, please visit our Sponsorship Page to sponsor a child.

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