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Beza and Albabe

Beza was in first grade when her school teacher recommended she find a school that could offer a more advanced education. Her aunt, Albabe, who had adopted Beza, applied for Lelt's educational programs so Beza could be considered for enrollment into a private school in her neighborhood. As their family joined Lelt’s program, Albabe had access to Lelt's employment creation program, which offers training and micro-loans to community members seeking to open small businesses.

Albabe and her family came from a small village in rural Ethiopia. Like other children from her village, Albabe and her younger sister Aletayework never attended school, working so they could help support the family instead. Aletayework eventually married and had three children before her husband abandoned the family. Relatives each took one of Aletayeowork's children so she would have some hope of supporting herself.

Albabe took little Beza and moved to the outskirts of the capital city, Addis Ababa. Albabe worked during the day and attended school at night, making it to fifth grade before work and financial need made it impossible to continue. They were struggling at their limit when they came into Lelt’s care.

Beza is now 16, attends private school and is performing near the top of her class. Albabe created her own mini grocery business and was married two years ago. This family is on the road to a sustainable, successful future, through their hard work and determination.

“I love my school and I’m happy to be back after so many months of coronavirus lockdowns," Beza said. "My very favorite subject in school is Social Studies, and I want to study law in college. I want to be an attorney when I grow up."

Beza and Albabe, in their grocery

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