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2023 In Review – A Year in Photographs

Updated: Apr 24

Thanks to our supporters, it's been an incredible year for the Lelt Foundation! We are sharing some of our favorite snapshots from the past year of our communities in Ethiopia.

Lelt continues prioritizing our three main components of assistance – nutrition, education, and job creation. This year, we've expanded our reach to include more people with disabilities and children from more acutely impoverished regions.

EDUCATION. A focus on education is the key to ending cyclical poverty for many of Lelt's students. Nearly 65% of our children receive full scholarships to advanced-curriculum private schools in our region, learning in English and their native language, Amharic.

SAFETY. Yared is one of Lelt's scholars. Read his story here.

NUTRITION. Malnutrition accounts for 45 percent of child mortality under the age of five in Ethiopia (UNICEF, 2022). Lelt's programs provide nutritious meals to our students, so they stay healthy and can focus on their educations.

GIRLS & EDUCATION. In Lelt's region of Ethiopia, the drop-out rate for school girls is alarmingly high. Over 50% of 12-year old girls have already left their education to work or marry early. Lelt’s programs keep kids in school and focused on pursuing a higher education.

MUSIC. Twice a week, students take music lessons at Lelt’s community center. These classes explore the history, technique, and musical styles of traditional Ethiopian and Western instruments, like the piano and guitar.

SUSTENANCE. Lelt's families receive food rations and household necessities each month to make sure they eat well at home and stay healthy. Parents in our programs volunteer to sort the rations for distribution day.

JOB CREATION FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES (PWD). Lelt Foundation provides employment opportunities for Ethiopians living with vision, hearing, and mobility impairment. In a region with negligible governmental programs for PWDs, Lelt offers training programs in Computer Sciences, Carpet Making, and Broom/Mop Construction. Read more here.

COMPUTER SCIENCES. Lelt opened its 3rd renewable energy technology lab this year! Disadvantaged students learn coding and programming skills while the lab is powered by solar energy, making it accessible 24/7 in a region with an unreliable power grid. Read more here.

COMMUNITY. Elias can't wait until he is taller to ride the bicycle at Lelt's Suki Mariam community center, so he enlists his friends to help him! Lelt's centers all have a space for recreation and play, making our compounds safe havens for kids to be kids.

PERSEVERANCE. Brehanu lost mobility in his legs from a teenage illness and thought he would spend the rest of his life begging on the streets. However, he met and fell in love with Melkam twenty years ago. Their family is a testament to this couple's hard work and tenacity. Read their story here.

RESILIENCE. Yeshi's daughter was hit by a truck and expected never to fully recover. Through her determination, Serkalem is healing and receiving assistance through Lelt's programs. Read their story here.

SUCCESS. Lelt's students are equipped with supplies and services that empower them to succeed in school – and pull them out of the cyclical poverty their families have known for generations. Rediet receives school supplies to help her studies as she starts her college prep class.

Thank you for your support of the Lelt Foundation!

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