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Anja Wood, Wubit Ashenafi, and Carrie Neel-Parker

In 2012, The Lelt Foundation was created.

While visiting their families in Ethiopia, Anja Wood and Carrie Neel-Parker met and  formed a deep bond through their desire to create both orphan prevention programs and improve orphanage safety and education in Ethiopia.


Shortly thereafter, they teamed up with Wubit Ashenafi, an Ethiopian financial professional, who left her work to dedicate her life to creating successful orphan prevention programs in her home country. 


They put together a board of directors and formed the Lelt Foundation.

Today, the programs that Anja, Wubit and Carrie created empower impoverished families to stay intact, and find sustainable employment and educational opportunities in peri-urban neighborhoods in central Ethiopia. Lelt Foundation also continues to help marginalized children living in state-run orphanages with improved safety conditions, advanced education, and access to enrichment classes.

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