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During this unprecedented time across the globe, as we all work together to combat coronavirus, Lelt's vulnerable community in Ethiopia is more at risk than ever before.


 We are so grateful for our donors and team to help us through this crisis. Be safe and stay healthy!

Lelt Foundation

Covid-19 Updates

On March 13, the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Ethiopia, the victim a traveler arriving at Bole Airport. Within a few days the number of reported cases grew, and the Ethiopian government shut down all schools and sporting events, and banned public gatherings. These restrictions prohibit Lelt from running our daily lunch program and tutoring sessions. In reaction, we have organized emergency assistance for our community. 

Without widespread electricity or wireless technology in our communities, basic human rights – like homeschooling, or regular updates from the government – are not easy to access. Providing the safest environment for our community is our priority through the pandemic. In the first week of the shutdown, we taught our community the importance of disinfecting and staying at home to prevent infection. Lelt’s team will continue to give emergency household necessities and food rations to all of our families every two weeks. As long as the schools are closed and adults are ordered to stay home, our community will be extremely vulnerable.

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